The Emergency Pharmacist Research Center
This research is supported by The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Partnerships in Patient Safety, Grant no. 1 U18 HS015818
Current Projects:

Emergency Pharmacist Research

1. Optimization of the emergency pharmacist role as part of the emergency care team.

2. Large prospective trial (enrollment 10,250) to determine the effect of an emergency pharmacist program on quality of care and medication safety in the emergency department.

3. Survey of emergency physicians and emergency nurses regarding their perception of the value of the emergency pharmacist role.

4. Survey of all US emergency medicine (EM) residency programs to determine how many EM programs utilize emergency pharmacists (EPh).

5. Development and dissemination of evidence-based tools and to facilitate the introduction of emergency pharmacist programs across the country.

6. Time-motion study to describe the tasks, interventions, communication links, and practice patterns of the emergency pharmacist role.

AHRQ PIPS grant overview - Download PDF